Sunday, July 15, 2007

This worm will not go!

Once again the thought of starting my own business is haunting my mind. Last year, I had an unsuccessfully started my business which went no where after I realized that I am too late to submit my first proposal. Things doomed and I lost track.

But, one thing that I learned, and that I'll not repeat, is to select right partner in crime. I need a guy who is motivated, ambitious, have less household duties and and pull me into his ambitions.

This all started with the recent application for my immigration. I realized how small businesses have emerged since last 3-4 years and have turned into at least multi million dollar companies. I was sitting home completely missing this opportunity.

I have delved into the information of my old registered company 'Ascent Consultancy Services' to revive a part of it and at least make a website for it. Lets see where I go this time. Though, an excerpt on Columbia website has helped me shape my thoughts today. It was a great read about your personality type and I realized that I am a strong maximizer. Hope I maximize my business this time.